• OUR VISION is to make Heaven tangible in our lives.
    OUR MISSION is to meet people where they are,
    to share in the truths from the Lord
    and to lead to a Heavenly Life.

Practicing Forgiveness

Starting 4th February 2018 – A New Church Journey Programme

What is Practicing Forgiveness?

Practicing Forgiveness
 is a church-wide spiritual growth programme.  It offers a place for people to come together and focus on ways to learn to accept, forgive and love each other. We have based this program on various stories Jesus tells about forgiveness, pairing each Bible story with a powerful lesson of forgiveness. Each of the five-weeks of the program give us an opportunity to gather and discuss the topic with others in a small group. There are also daily readings in the Practicing Forgiveness workbook, and participants are encouraged to practice some element of forgiveness, to see its application to their lives. There are also various  meditations, activities, and sermons.

When will this take place?

We launch the programme on Sunday 4th February 2018. Connection groups will then meet weekly for 5 weeks, at various times, to study the workbook. The programme ends with a wrap-up in the 6th week. Diarize these dates and set aside the time to join us on this journey.

Weekly Topics

  • Week 1: Why Forgive? Forgiveness, as a form of surrender and release, expands our capacity to love.
  • Week 2: Forgiving Others True forgiveness blends both mercy and justice.
  • Week 3: Being Forgiven Forgiveness means finding the courage to see our own errors – not just those of others.
  • Week 4: Self-Forgiveness Forgiveness turns away the false messages of harsh self-judgment.
  • Week 5: Transformation Forgiveness transforms us from victim to survivor, from helpless to empowered.
  • Week 6: Wrap up and Celebration Peace and joy comes when we embrace opportunities to forgive.

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