• OUR VISION is to make Heaven tangible in our lives.
    OUR MISSION is to meet people where they are,
    to share in the truths from the Lord
    and to lead to a Heavenly Life.

Forged in Fire

Starting February 2019 – A New Church Journey Programme

You’re invited to join us in our upcoming Journey program,

Forged In Fire,

in February 2019!

This program follows the biblical story of Daniel from his early days as a child captive in Babylon, to becoming one of the most respected leaders of the nation. Throughout each chapter, we witness the clash between the ego of the Babylonian rulers and the humble confidence of Daniel and his friends. As Daniel and his friends boldly face the powerful Babylonian rulers, we glimpse ways that vanity, manipulation and desire to control never hold up to the grounding power of confidence, love and true self-worth.

In times when we find ourselves getting lost again in a self-focused mindset, Forged In Fire challenges us to remember what matters most. Like Daniel who stands amid lions and, with his friends, stands in the middle of fire, we also have the option to stand true to our values even in hard times.

The program workbook includes meditations, discussion questions, and daily readings to help participants bring the power of the story’s message into their own lives. The themes of Forged In Fire will also be featured in our sermons and children’s program.

Weekly Topics

  • Week 1: True Identity Choosing to respond from our higher nature, rather than from ego.
  • Week 2: Intention Over Expectation Coming to a situation with a desire to love and serve, rather than expecting to be served.
  • Week 3: Confidence Over Arrogance Staying centered and present, even in highly charged situations.
  • Week 4: Humility Over Shame Accepting that we are imperfect, and learning from our mistakes.
  • Week 5: Contentment Over Materialism Appreciating this moment, instead of constantly seeking “more.”
  • Week 6: Love Wins (Wrap-up) Navigating hard times with prayer, and belief that God’s love is the most powerful force.

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