• OUR VISION is to make Heaven tangible in our lives.
    OUR MISSION is to meet people where they are,
    to share in the truths from the Lord
    and to lead to a Heavenly Life.


We record many of the sermons presented during our worship services and have made them available to you here in the standard mp3 format. Within a category or series they appear in the order they were presented. Click on the thumbnail of the sermon you wish to hear. In most web browsers a new tab will be opened to accommodate the media player and the sermon will immediately begin to download and play.

Note that some of the 2016 sermons have been archived and might take a little longer to download and play.

Unless otherwise indicated, these sermons are all by Rev. Mark Allais:-

“Celebrating New Church Day” Sermon Series

“Where Do I Begin (To Read the Lord’s Word)” Sermon Series

“Preparation for Easter” Sermon Series

“Forged In Fire” Sermon Series (6 week journey program)

Sermon Series “Christmas”

Sermon Series “The LORD said to ME …..”

“Heritage Day” Sermon

Sermon Series “Marriage”

Sermon Series “Prayer”

Sermon Series “God”

Sermon Series – “Born Again”

Sermon Series – “Heaven”

Sermon Series – “Chasing Light” (Easter Series)

Sermon Series – “Practicing Forgiveness” (a 5 week Bible-based program)

Regular “Stand Alone” Sermons

Christmas Family Services

Regular “Stand Alone” Sermons
Sermon Series – “Rise Above It” (a study of the 10 commandments)
“Honour Marriage” sermon by Rt. Rev. Peter Buss Jnr.
Sermon Series – “The Book of Revelation”
Easter Sermons and New Life Series
Sermon Series – “Restoring True Marriage”
Sermon Series – “Mindfulness” (5 Week Journey Program)

Regular “Stand Alone” Sermons
2016-06-26-Not Want Money  2016-09-11-forgive  2016-10-09-manipulated  2016-11-13-onegod      
Sermons by Rt.Rev. Peter Buss Snr
2016-09-18-bedinhell  2016-11-20-theelderbrother
Sermon Series:- The Story of Jonah
2016-10-16-sleeper  2016-10-23-manoverboard  2016-11-06-storyofmarriage
Sermon Series – “Living Faith” (6+1 Week Journey Program)
2016-07-24-Living Faith Intro  2016-07-31-Living Faith week 1  2016-08-07-Living Faith week 2  2016-08-14-Living Faith week 3  2016-08-21-Living Faith week 4  2016-08-28-GraceNotEnough  2016-09-04-GoodWorks
Sermon Series – “The Book of Revelation” 
2016-05-29-Revelation 1  2016-06-05-Revelation 2  2016-06-12-Revelation 3
Sermon Series – “Marriage Mythbusters” 
2016-05-01-Mythbusters-Friend  2016-05-08-Mythbusters-Death  2016-05-15-Mythbusters-Dont Touch  2015-05-22-Mythbusters-Fake
Sermon Series – “New Beginnings” 
2016-04-03-New Beginnings-Cost You-2  2016-04-10-Sell Your Soul  2016-04-17-Not as Appears
Sermon Series – “Living Gratefully” (7 Week Journey Program)
  Living Gratefully 2  Slide3  Living Gratefully 5  Living Gratefully 6aLiving Gratefully 7  Week 7 Buss

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